Let your No be a No & your Yes be a Yes!

“Simplify your decisions, simplify your life” – Joyce Meyer

But above all [things], my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath; but let your yes be a [simple] yes, and your no be [a simple] no, so that you may not sin and fall under condemnation. James 5:12

No means no and yes means yes
If you’re looking for God’s best
So hang on tight
Don’t give up on the fight
And fix your eyes on the One who knows

Oh, my friends,
For years and years, perhaps even my whole life, I’ve been struggling with saying yes to things I know I should have said no to, and not fully-heartedly committing to the things I’ve said yes to. And during these crossroads; these choices I’ve made that have steered me off the direct path towards God’s plans for me, I’ve been missing out on His goodness.
I’ve been taking the detour route and missing out on His beauty when He’s been waiting for me this whole time!

I’ve been easily influenced by earthly desires; temptations:

  • The handsome guy with different beliefs from me who asked me out, even though I knew that wasn’t God’s best for me
  • The girls that wanted to party Friday night, even though I knew that wasn’t God’s best for me
  • The job opportunity that enabled me to leave my current position for just a little bit more money and wanted me to start asap, even though the position had nothing to do with the work that God has called me to
    • The cute outfits at the mall that were on sale, even though God’s been calling me to save
    • Staying cozy in bed, even though my family wanted to have breakfast and God was calling me to spend time with them

As I’m sure you can relate, we can get easily distracted; pushed and pulled in a variety of directions. Turns out every time, we find ourselves in a crossroads, babe. A crossroads where we can choose and have to ask ourselves: “Do I want to go my way or His way?”

He will love us either way; no matter which direction we take. However, we’re sacrificing something during this process:
It’s not always God’s best for us.

What if we choose the hard decisions that will lead us closer and closer to the One who’s our ultimate provider? The one who consistently and unendingly loves us no matter what we do? The One who never fails us and will always be there for us? What if we genuinely believed and knew within all of our hearts, with everything inside us, that He is with us in everything that we do?
In the past, I’ve been so focused on “how hard it is to be a Christian” that finally when I’ve started letting go and focusing on my relationship with Him, I’ve been learning to smile again. I’ve been seeing the joy and freedom in who He’s called me to be; His plans for me.

To me, being a Christian isn’t about how many times we’ve prayed; how much money we’ve put in the offering, how many scriptures or songs we have memorized; but rather, it’s more about our relationship with Him.

I’ve begun viewing God as my friend. He wants to see me happy and He says I’m beautiful. He stands before me and He advocates for me on my behalf. He loves me so much, I can’t even comprehend how much He loves me because it’s that deep (times a million!) God says I’m His masterpiece and that the way I am is no mistake.
Do you believe this truth? Is there something holding you back from believing these things?
Are you kind to yourself when you make mistakes?
Cause I know I struggle with this sometimes!

P.S. What stops you from saying no when you know you really need to stick with saying no? For me, I’m naturally a “people pleaser”. I struggle with seeking approval from others. But lately, I’m more focused on pleasing God, that I’m having an easier time saying no when I’m meant to say no.
Let me know your thoughts if you’d like by leaving a comment below 🙂

With His love,


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