Don’t you know, haven’t you heard?

Faith in the music my heart sings

Joy in the tears the darkness brings

Trust in the plans only He can see

Peace in the storm that’s been following me


I don’t have much time to say what I want to say

To do what I’ve been called to do

So here we are in the middle of the clock

Our hearts are ticking; our soul’s been waiting, our mind has been searching

When will we be ready to move?

A physical, mental, spiritual move

Rooted deeply, planted firmly

It’s time to make your mark


Well, it’s not your mark, it’s His mark

Do you know the difference?

How long will it take to fully understand?

The difference between His and Yours


Your voice vs His voice

Your timing vs His timing

Your hearts vs His heart

Your eyes vs His eyes


Your life vs His life

Coming and going

Searching and growing

I am who You say I am


Beauty in the sky

With His arms, I can fly

Don’t you know, haven’t you heard

You are loved



Categories: Faith, Love

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