“You’re at a crossroads, babe”

Out with the old, in with the new

If only these words rang true

Sometimes it’s easier to say than it is to do

Good thing His love runs deeper than the sky is blue


And then we have grace

When we meet face to face,

I can come as I am

And you still take my hand


I try and try over and over again

To be still and just be

Cause I’m free to be me

Give my heart some clarity


Dancing with the wild flowers

Turning songs of praise into a new happy hour

New beginnings, new choices, new creation

With a new love and adoration


Oh my soul


Keeping with the fight

Holding on tight

Breathe deep, let it go

He loves you more than you know


Take my hand

Toes in the sand

Ride the wave as long as you can

Look in the sunlight, start to smile again


It’s a love that has no end

You can begin again

Just like the beautiful seashells find their way back to shore

Cleansed by the water, longing for more

Stronger than the tide, there’s nowhere you can hide

The love story you’ve been searching for has arrived


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