“I will praise you in the storm”

Dear friends,

I need your help, love, support, and prayers to support my friend Erika.

Erika’s husband, Mike, was in a severe motorcycle accident. The doctors told her that it is a miracle her husband is living. Erika has 5 children, and her and Mike run a business together.

During this trialing time for Erika, she is continuously centering her heart on Jesus. I asked Erika if I can share her story with you and she said, “Yes, please do!” In Erika’s own words:

As I sit here next to my husbands hospital bed after a really hard couple of days, I’m finally able to process some of what’s been happening and what to expect in the weeks to come. When I think about what the trauma team told me of how my husband shouldn’t have survived that motorcycle accident, that Tuesday night I was very close to losing my husband, it’s as if this shock wave comes over me.
When I arrived to the ED Tuesday night with my father in law, I looked into this trauma room where it was covered in blood, so many doctors and nurses, so much chaos and then I saw my husband lying there…. I’ll be honest with you, I collapsed to the floor weeping at what I saw. My father in law shielded me for a moment and held my face close into his sweatshirt and asked me if I was prepared to go in and see my husband. Ever since then, it’s been non-stop and a whirlwind. My heart feels battered and with all of that, it is easy to sink into this sense of hopelessness. I made sure to stop at home last night and get my bible and journal and I am so glad I did. I just needed Jesus. I needed to have my bible before me as I pray over my husband and our situation before us, I needed to just be close to my Heavenly Father and have him comfort me. I think about what my father in law did at the ED the other night with his safe comfort and helping me through that moment and that’s just how Jesus is you know? Jesus picks us up off the floor when it’s just too much. Jesus shields us with his arms and tucks our heads into His chest and speaks truths into us. Jesus walks by our side when we have to face the most painful moments. Jesus is our greatest comforter, and He is my hope and the reason I can smile and find joy despite feeling such pain and sadness. I don’t have to let myself sink into that sadness when I have Jesus because of WHO HE IS. And I am so thankful for that.

It’s been on my heart to share this with you in hopes that you will join me in prayer and support for Erika and her family. Whether you are in California, Connecticut, China, Colorado… anywhere in the world; please join me in prayer. For those of you who may feel called to financially support her family during this difficult time, please consider donating by visiting this website: https://www.gofundme.com/support-the-kapustinski-family. A gift of any kind will make a special impact in their lives and will continue to fill them with hope.

It is my belief that there is someone out there reading this who is called to financially assist with supporting this family and being a blessing in their lives. Is that person you? Is God calling you right now? “If not us, then who? …If not now, then when?…It’s time for us to do something.”

Thank you for reading this, for your support, and for your prayers.

With love,







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