A dream proclaiming my faith

I had a dream that I was in a car with several loved ones and a lot of them were asking “How do you believe, how do you know He’s there?” And I thought to myself: how am I going to answer this one in a way that will really show that He is here with us? And then I looked up at the beautiful sky.

In my dream, we were on a service trip. In college, I went on many service trips. Last night, a few hours before sleeping, a friend told me about how he was in Texas, and so on the trip in my dream, we were in Texas!

I looked at the girl who asked me why I believe and I whole heartedly with all my might said to her, “Look at the sky! It’s beautiful! It’s like a painting.”


And when we looked at the sky, there were colors of all sorts screaming in our direction. This comment really had her thinking. And I said to her, “Could it really be that the sky randomly does this? The sky is so beautiful! This can’t be an accident.” This is one way how I always feel his presence. By admiring all the beautiful things around us. And the other people in the van started to agree with me.

Everyone was packed in the van waiting for our drivers to begin riding away, but I couldn’t. Because there was something inside me that couldn’t leave the admiration of His beautiful artwork and weather that we were expereincing.

He is always with us. All we have to do is look around us and see. Close our eyes and listen. Be still and know. He is living inside us.

She asked me why I believe, and I said: “Look how beautiful the sky is right now. There has to be a creator for this. It can’t just be random”

“How do you believe someone is responsible for creating everything?”

The Bible verse that came to mind in my dream was Mark 5:36 – “…Do not be afraid, just believe”.

I told her I can feel His presense inside me and that it’s hard to explain. I wish I shared with her this too: If you reflect on your life and different special moments that you’ve had, do you believe they were accidental or purposeful?

Have you ever had an “I cant believe that happened” type experience? Well, if your “I can’t believe that happened” experience worked in your favor, it most likely happened because God was with you and He gave you His grace. You just didn’t know at the time that is was Jesus taking the wheel. It is purposeful that you are here in this world and born in this generation. This specific generation, the place that you live, the people you meet, the job you have, the family you were born into: all those things have been strategically decided by God and you have the opportunity to be on His team. The creator of the universe wants you to sit on His team and for you to represent Him every day. That way when someone not on His team asks you, “Why do you believe?” You can confidently say in return, “How can I not believe? Look how beautiful the sky is, reflect on life’s most difficult moments that you somehow made your way out of or the successful moments that you may not have even deserved but somehow gracefully received. How did this happen? Not accidently, but purposefully through God’s grace. Don’t you know; haven’t you heard – He loves you, He’s here for you, and He’s living inside you.”

I have a friend who always reminsd me that God loves me. Years ago when he told me that God loves me, I thought to myself: why does he keep saying this to me and what does that even mean? Well, although it has taken years to understand and believe, I am thankful that to this day that I understand now. And I believe that once you do understand and feel this truth, there’s really no turning back because it is the most peaceful thing your soul can experience.


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  1. This is great.


  2. Beautiful post! Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

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  3. Loved your post! Would love to hear more of your story! My blog is designated to encouraging women, and if you have a story to share, I’d love to feature it and your blog on my site! Please go to the contact page on my site and reach out if you’re interested – softcoverheart.blog


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