A Wonderful Day

You ever have one of those days where everything just seems to make sense for:

  • Why you are the way you are
  • Why you are who you are
  • These are the people that are meant to be in your life, at this moment in time
  • Where you feel completely utilized & just filled with the right things and surrounded by the right people

I just had such a good day today. I can’t believe how strongly great it was.

Since June 2015, I’ve been working for a nonprofit that I care deeply about. Like many nonprofits, our time talent and resources is stretched thin. Today, we took on an installation project and it was so fun!

Surrounded by dedicated professionals and volunteers eager to serve our community and make an impact in our nonprofit. I am humbled by the support, enthusiasm and passion that occurred today.

Some days I feel completely tired and just stressed. Without those days, though, would I appreciate days like today?

Feeling very thankful!

Love ya’ll




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