Faith of the Heart

Once upon a time there was a little girl, around 7 years old.

She was a free spirit at heart.

Her family was getting ready to do a family race together. She had 2 sisters and her 2 parents who were all going to join. The little girl was used to doing her own thing at an early age. Going wherever the wind would take her – here, there, anywhere. In fact, she always got a kick out of when the wind would take her else where. Somewhere where there was mystery. Somewhere where she wasn’t certain what would happen next. Somewhere where she could be who she wanted to be, without others influencing her thoughts. She knew, at an early age, that she was much different from her surroundings. And so she decided to dance to her own music, sing to her own tunes, and continue enjoying the ride towards life’s marvelous journey.

While she was enjoying the beautiful weather before the race, he little girl was found playing with wild flowers. All the other children were in a group preparing for the race, listening to the instructions, while she was humming along to her favorite tunes in her head and catching dandelions. The sunlight glistened between her beautiful, curly brown her as she felt purely free during that moment in time.

“Take your mark, get set, go!”

Children and adults of all ages left the finish line, leaving the wild flowers far behind. The little girl felt like an all-star athlete, she didn’t notice anything in behind her or next to her, all she was focused on was running as fast as she could, with all her might. Time kept passing, and she continued to fight through the long race. All of a sudden, she takes a minute to look around  the unfamiliar, mysterious area. There were no children to be found at this point, only adults, all of who are encouraging the little girl to keep going and letting her know that she is doing a good job.

The little girl thought to herself, “Gee, that’s weird. I wonder why they didn’t say this to me before, and now all of a sudden, everyone is encouraging me! Am I close to the beginning of the winners?”

And so, as the journey continued, she noticed that less and less adults were around her. She was getting more and more tired and the sun was starting to set. She started feeling colder and her legs were losing the all-star spirit. All of a sudden, she puts her delicate head in her hands and weeps. The trail transitions into a roadway and cars begin passing. Tears stream down her face as she continues to hold a steady walk with concern.

Weeping and weeping, she finally decides to pick her head up and enjoy her surroundings. To the left of her was a beautiful shade of grass, yards and yards of untouched land, which was soon to become her safe haven.

While she knew this wasn’t the finish line, she decided to accept a sense of relief from no longer being near the undesirable cars.

And so, she picks her head back up and in the distance she sees a couple. Although  mom always said not to talk with strangers, she felt a sense of comfort and relief when her eyes gazed upon the couple, as they approached closer and closer.

“Hello! What are you doing all by yourself? Are you all right?”

“I’m lost. I was in a race. But I got lost somehow. I don’t know where my family is”

“You poor thing. I’m glad you’re okay. We know the race that you’re talking about and you’re actually not too far away! Mind if we show you the way back?”

Although the little girl was a little nervous, what other options did she have?

“All right.”

And so, the little girl follows the old couple. During their walk, they passed a loving neighborhood, filled with laughter, family gatherings, lemonade, and outdoor games. Her eyes lit up with joy as she seen others having fun. And all of a sudden,

“Here you are. Just go straight ahead and this is where the race is. I’m sure your family is waiting for you.”

The little girl looks ahead and notices that the area is exactly where she needed to be. The walk didn’t seem to take as long as the distance traveled. She was relieved.

“Megan! There you are! We were looking all over for you! You’ve been gone for over an hour. Are you all right? So glad you are okay!”

“I am okay! Sorry” The girl looked behind to see where the couple was and they were no where to be found. Did the couple even ever really exist? Were they her guardian angels? To this day, the young woman continues to hold that story with her for a sense of hope, belonging, and faith. She knows that there is always someone watching over her. To protect and guide her. When she may feel misled during the journey of life sometimes, that she has a guardian angel who will gently bring her back to the course. This story reminds her that she is loved, valued, cherished, and treasured. This story reminds her that she is unique. Her story is unlike any other. Your story is unlike any other. We are all unique in our own way.

And so, to this day, the little girl continues to dance to her own songs, sing to her own tunes, and express herself to her fullest. Because this life is very precious – we must hug our loved ones extra tight. For, we never know when our journey here will bring us to our true home.

Love you all, thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!




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