What does the word “mom” mean to you?

I have felt particularly closer with my mom today and yesterday. She has been there for me. I was able to rely on her – two days in a row! Filled with love.

Today, my mom saw me sad. She looked at me and said, “Don’t be upset, my beautiful girl!”

I can’t explain to you, but those words melted my heart. The sincerity in her voice and her genuine concern for my personal happiness meant so much to me.

Many times, I struggle with feelings of loneliness. Having my mom respond to my emotions in a gentle manner meant so much to me today, I needed her love.

I have been really blessed to have people in my life at the right place, the right time. Although different life situations can be difficult, I have been blessed for the relationships in my life.

I am learning to slow down more. Take it easy. Enjoy the coffee.

I’ve spent too many meals rushing.

Too many conversations where my mind has been elsewhere.

Too many mornings where I throw on an outfit and walk out the door

Too many roads where I got lucky from driving too fast

Enough is enough, it is time to slow down and enjoy.

It is time to take the time to give thanks.

Spend a little extra time writing thank you cards

A little extra time wrapping gifts

A little extra time donating my time

A little extra time smiling warmly

Giving hugs

Praying for one another




Celebrating one another


The things you enjoy

Going to the beach



Dining with family and friends

Enjoying each other’s company


What are your thoughts? What are some things you hope to spend more time on?

As the Christmas season approaches, what has been on your mind?









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  1. I’m trying to remember that little things matter.


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