He Sent You to Me – A Divine Moment in Time

Yesterday, I worked over 10 hours with children, it was definitely a fun day, but quite tiring as you can imagine. I woke up at 7am because I had to head on the road for a training that began at 9am. Before today, I had already put in well over my 40 hours for the week. And I wonder, “Why, God? Why me? What am I doing here, is this really the job for me? I am so tired, I just want to go to sleep, and relax! Please, give me peace right now. Please, give me peace.” I kept repeating and repeating.

Finally, I did feel a sense of calmness in my heart. a sense of assurance that this is where I belong. I pull over to grab a coffee. I also felt lost with where I was. I don’t have a smartphone so I asked someone who was pulled over next to me if she knew how to get where I needed to go.

I told her “I don’t have a smartphone, so often times, I rely on people to help me when I get lost.” She responded saying, “The Lord will bless you with a smartphone one day.”

I responded saying, “You’re right! He always provides.” Next thing you know, our conversation dived deeper and deeper until we both were giving each other the chills in regards to how quickly we connected with each other at that divine moment in time. Before going our own ways, we encouraged one another, gave each other big hugs, said “I love you” and said, “See you next time, in heaven!” She reached out in her purse and said she normally doesn’t carry cash but felt called to bless me with money and gave me a ten dollar bill. I had told her afterwards that I work for a nonprofit organization and often times don’t have very money in my budget.

Nevertheless, wow. What a special gift it was to meet this kind woman who I will never forget.

With love, peace and happiness,



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  1. You have no idea how much you have encouraged me! Jesus is so faithful!


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    I believe…


  3. I love moments like these! They challenge us and change our lives forever.


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