Dropping my best friend off at the airport

She is so beautiful 🙂

I admire her from afar

Reminiscing on the special times we’ve had together

Brings tears to my eyes that she will no longer be ten minutes away 

Reminds me of how short our life here on earth really is

She knows me so well

We have the same humor, the same way of doing things

She understands me, I understand her

How special is that? To have that sort of special friendship

…Worth far more than gold!

I love her so much, I hope she knows

I already miss her and it hasn’t even been a day 

I feel so fortunate for the moments I’ve gotten to have with her

She’s so beautiful, inside and out

She’s moved to a new place to follow her dreams and her passion

She’s going to do so well 

It can be hard to say goodbye 

It can be hard when you physically cannot say hello to someone too

There’s something about one’s physical presence that makes things extra special 

This special girl – many laughs, cries, and all other things in between with her

More memories to come still

Always in my heart, no matter how far 🙂

She’s such a little goofball! Love you girlie 


Can you please pray for her, for safety and peace during her new journey?

Thanks guys 🙂


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6 replies

  1. Father, may you bring safety, peace, and success, in this young lady’s new journey of life! Hold her in your hands and surround her with your overwhelming love!


  2. Hi Jeff, thank you for prayers 🙂 🙂


  3. I wonder which one of you is more blessed? Sounds like you were both blessed to be in each others company.


  4. Sisterhood ~ Godspeed ~ Amen :Y


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