Finding Joy in the Lord

Sometimes at church, I get in “serious mode” and forget to find joy in the service because I try to obtain as much knowledge to the point where I overwhelm myself.

Well, today when I did that, God totally wanted me to find joy and peace in His word rather than focusing on trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible!  After service, a few of the young adults at our church met up to have community time. We have a pastor who creates lessons for us and chooses scriptures for us to read. We were reading and discussing how King David had 3 wives, at the time, and how God does not want us to have more than 1 spouse. So our pastor asked for one of us to read Deuteronomy 17:17; I volunteered. And with such seriousness, I said: “He MUST take many wives, or his heart will be led astray”. The whole room laughed because of course, I meant to say “Must not” (haha) 🙂 This moment was a little wake up call, reminding me to have fun and find joy in His Word rather than focusing on remembering all of the details, knowledge will naturally fall into place through experience.

Going back to David — There was a period where he had 8 wives. David was such a successful King even though it says in the bible that “He must not take many wives, or his heart will be led astray”. I found peace today when learning more about this story because even though God blessed David with success, David still made many mistakes and God was still with him and held on to him. This gives me hope as I relate to my life when I make mistakes that I feel guilty from. God already forgives us, that is why He sent his son on earth – to die for our sins. We shall receive forgiveness if we ask. David was also successful because the Lord anointed him as King over Israel. David had God’s will.

Another thing that made David so successful was that he talked to God before every battle. And not only did he talk to God, but he obeyed God (2 Samuel 5:25). Talking to God and obeying God are two completely different things. I find such challenge, sometimes, to obey God because when I talk to him sometimes I hear things that I don’t want to obey even though He knows best.

Although obeying what God asks of us can feel so hard and impossible, and we may not always be rewarded for our actions here on earth, we will receive the gift of eternal life by following the Lord! ❤


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  1. Megan, I attend Valley too and want to encourage you in your writing. Good for you. “Talking to God and obeying God are two completely different things.” This is such a simple truth and yet as you say, can feel hard and impossible. Great observation.


  2. Thank you so much, Heather! Your words are definitely an encouragement and appreciated!


  3. I think David is an example of what most of us do in our lives. It is so easy to call out to God and listen to Him when we are headed into battle, but in times of peace I find myself not calling out or listening very well.


    • Amen, I feel the same way! I don’t even know if I would’ve found the Lord if it wasn’t for a hardship I want through! God uses are toughest battles to draw us closer to Him and glorify Him! Thank you for reading, bless your heart 🙂


  4. I’m so glad somebody else forgets to find joy! God often uses humor to bring me back in line. Your story about reading the bible verse reminds of a funny saying, “if you listen to God privately, he won’t have to talk to you publically.”


  5. Haha that is a funny one! Oh yes, I must remind myself all the time, you are never alone 🙂 Our God is a humorous God for sure! Thank you for reading!

    With peace and love,



  6. Thank you for liking my post on Proverbs 22:11. I enjoyed this post…while I was reading I could understand everything you were speaking – get in serious mode to soak in the knowledge and understanding to find joy and peace in his word. Knowledge will naturally fall into place with experience – that is so true. We want him so much – we forget to enjoy him….I am so thankful he sees our heart and he knows how to make us laugh and have fun in him…Many blessings to you


  7. Absolutely, sister! Thank you for your encouraging words and for reading! May peace, love, and blessings be with you always 🙂


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